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Empowering Sustainable Logistics by AI-Driven Solutions for Emission Reduction, Resilient Supply Chains, and Stakeholder Collaboration
EN – Co-funded by the European Union

ADMIRAL is an EU project which seeks to develop and pilot AI-driven solutions for managing logistics supply chains, including related missions to reduce transport and logistics emissions and increase transparency, resilience of logistics supply chains, and stakeholder cooperation.


20 partners from 9 European countries

Pilot Programs

4 pilot programs


What are current challenges?
Logistics and transportation significantly contribute to GHG emissions. However, monitoring emissions along the whole supply chain is challenging due to factors like cost calculations, absence of reporting, and interconnected supply chains.
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What is the ultimate goal of ADMIRAL?
ADMIRAL's objectives include shifting the industry focus towards emission reduction along the whole supply chain, developing a digital marketplace for multimodal logistics, and reducing emissions by 20%.
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What solutions will the ADMIRAL project develop?
ADMIRAL will introduce and pilot a digital marketplace covering the entire logistics supply chain which will allow to select logistics services based on key factors including emissions, delivery times, and costs.
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