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VTT Finland is among Europe’s leading research institutions, and ensures ADMIRAL’s overall project coordination. It leads project activities connected to the analysis and development of business models for sustainable transport and developing a global ecosystem for smart logistics. VTT contributes research expertise on AI to the development of a smart cargo planning tool; supports the implementation of the Finnish pilot and evaluates pilot impact. 


AWAKE.AI is a Finnish digital solutions company specialised in optimising port operations through an AI-driven Smart Port and Shipping Platform.
 the marketplace.  AWAKE.AI is the leading partner for developing and technically implementing the multimodal marketplace. Together with VTT, AWAKE.AI also works on developing a global ecosystem for smart logistics.

The National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC) is a Portuguese public research institute that leads the analysis of sustainability aspects in the transport and logistics sector, provides scientific support to the Portugal-Spain Pilot and contributes to  transferring the smart cargo planning tool  to the Portugal-Spain pilot.

The Technical University of Madrid (UPM) is the largest Spanish technical university. UPM, through members of the Transport Research Centre TRANSyT-UPM leads the analysis of  policy and regulation on sustainability in transport and logistics; explores stakeholders’ perspectives on different sustainability dimensions; supports the Portugal-Spain Pilot with research expertise; contributes to transferring the smart cargo planning tool to the Portugal-Spain Pilot and coordinates dissemination activities.

The University of Ljubljana (UL) is Slovenia’s largest higher education and scientific research institution. UL leads project activities focusing on analysing current business models on the one hand and assessing the potential for new business models for shared multimodal logistics on the other hand. UL also contributes to implementing the Slovenian-Croatian pilot by setting up evaluation metrics.

Steinbeis is an innovation consulting company specialising in international markets and EU research funding. Supported by all ADMIRAL partners, Steinbeis ensures transparent communication and dissemination of the project, including promoting the project to interested citizens and the policy level. Steinbeis also leads exploitation activities supporting the uptake of ADMIRAL results.

The Transport Innovation Association (TIA) represents more than 70 members from Lithuania’s transport and logistics sector. TIA is the coordinating partner for the Lithuanian pilot, including planning, implementation and evaluation and also leads training activities for marketplace users.

Steveco Oy is the leading port operator in Finland and leads the transit traffic market and the transport of Finnish wood-processing industry products. Steveco Oy represents the Finnish pilot at the port of HaminaKotka and covers the overall coordination and implementation of pilot activities from planning to evaluation.

The Hellenic Institute of Transport is part of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH/HIT) and offers specialized basic and applied research and highly technical services in all fields of transport.
It leads the development of sustainability KPIs, coordinates data collection from the pilot sites for comparative analysis with CTLup and explores the impact of the ADMIRAL pilots on user experience and stakeholder acceptance.

CTLup is an Italian company focused on developing ideas, products, and services for sustainable mobility, logistics, road safety and technological innovation. Together with CERTH, CTLup coordinates data collection from the pilot sites. It also leads the assessment of solutions and pilot implementation.

Post of Slovenia (PS) is the national postal operator for Slovenia.
PS is one of the pilot partners for the Slovenian-Croatian Pilot and is responsible for the pilot coordination, including the implementation of the logistics planning tool and the marketplace, as well as pilot deployment and evaluation.

NORMALis Tech is a Lithuanian company with expertise in AI consulting on and developing digital solutions.
It leads the integration of User experience elements in the development of the multimodal marketplace and develops the CO2 calculation approach for the Lithuanian pilot supported by logistics partners. Together with CARGO SIGN and Trevio, NORMALis Tech ensures connectivity between various logistics networks.

Solvesall is a Slovenian digital solutions company that specialises in logistics optimisation and AI solutions. Solvesall develops a logistics planning tool that will accommodate the Slovenian-Croatian pilot’s needs and connect different logistics networks.

Trevio is a Lithuanian digital solutions developer focused on freight movement. Trevio, together with CARGO SIGN, is responsible for the development of digital tools and integrations for the Lithuanian pilot and also covers design and develop connectivity between different networks together with NORMALis Tech. 

CargoGo Logistics is a group of companies active in local and international road transportation in Lithuania and Western Europe. CargoGO is a logistics partners for the Lithuanian pilot, contributing to the use case with its logistics network and expertise. 


CargoSign is a subsidiary company of SignonTab which offers software for data collection, data signing and data distribution. Together with Trevio, CargoSign contributes to the Lithuanian pilot with the development of digital tools and integrations and also the design and development of connectivity between different networks together with NORMALis Tech.

Locodols is one of the pilot partners for the Slovenian-Croatian Pilot and is responsible for pilot coordination, including the implementation of the logistics planning tool and the marketplace. 

Marlo provides consulting and technology-based solutions for transport and logistics clients.
It covers data integration and APIs for the multimodal marketplace and supports APS in developing a corridor-level catalogue of low-emission transport and multimodal services in the Portugal-Spain Pilot as well as  evaluating pilot impact.

Ports of Sines and the Algarve Authority (APS) is responsible for operating the port of Sines and the commercial ports of Faro and Portimão. APS is the pilot partner for the Portugal-Spain pilot and thus covers overall coordination for this pilot, including data and information flows and framework development.  

Klaipeda FEZ is a Lithuanian manufacturing Hub active, among others, in electric vehicles and logistics. Klaipeda FEZ and CargoGo are both logistics partners for the Lithuanian pilot whose logistics networks and expertise contribute to the use case analysis and successful pilot implementation.