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ADMIRAL Partner Meeting in Lisbon

Picture of the Consortium Meeting in Lisbon

ADMIRAL Partner Meeting in Lisbon – Exchanging on the decarbonization of transport and logistics & a deep dive into the Portugal-Spain Pilot

Lisbon, Portugal (14th & 15th March 2024) – Partners of the EU-funded research and innovation project ADMIRAL led by the VTT recently met in Lisbon to exchange on current project activities and define the next project steps. The set of international meetings were hosted by the project partners LNEC (National Laboratory for Civil Engineering) and APS (Administração dos Portos de Sines e do Algarve, S.A), and brought together over 50 members from 20 project partners for two days of insightful discussions and practical demonstrations.


Day 1 – Focus on Innovation and Strategy

The meeting opened with a warm welcome from the EC Project Officer, setting the stage for productive sessions. Led by partners from VTT, LNEC and other key collaborators, the sessions addressed the current project status, upcoming challenges and strategic developments. LNEC presented research findings on emerging trends in transport and logistics decarbonization technology, novel network-based methods and AI tools to outline a comprehensive cross-modal framework and related sustainability impacts. 

Particular attention was also dedicated to the requirements and development of the ADMIRAL marketplace, a multimodal platform intended to revolutionise the logistics and transport sector by promoting transparency, efficiency and sustainability. In addition, discussions focused on the approach of each of the four project pilots to reduce emissions, digitalize processes, optimize the use of resources, and support synchronized collaboration between different logistics stakeholders.

Day 2 – Application and Real-world Impact

The second day gave the partners and in-depth understanding of the Portugal-Spain pilot with a visit to the APS Port of Sines, the primary energy supply port for Portugal and one of Europe’s most dynamic ports where participants witnessed first-hand the implementation of sustainable logistics strategies. After a welcome by the CEO of APS, the day continued with a workshop focusing on the Portugal-Spain pilot including needs, requirements and implementation strategies.

The exchanges and discussions between partners as well as the practical insights into the Portugal-Spain pilot will inform the implementation of the next project steps and underlined the partners’ motivation and commitment to advancing sustainable solutions for logistics and transport.


ADMIRAL remains committed to its mission of driving innovation and sustainability in the logistics sector, and the successful conclusion of the Lisbon consortium meeting marks another important milestone towards achieving this goal.


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Funding: Co-Funded by the European Union ADMIRAL project (EU HE Programme, GA No. 101104163)

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About the ADMIRAL project: The ADMIRAL project is an initiative funded by the European Union’s research and innovation programme, Horizon Europe. The project aims to revolutionise freight transportation by creating an advanced multimodal marketplace and promoting low-emission transport chains. Coordinated by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., the project brings together a consortium of 21 partners from 9 EU countries.