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ADMIRAL Project showcased at Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2024 in Dublin

TRA VTT Vortrag

ADMIRAL project showcased at TRA 2024 in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland – This year’s Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2024, held from 15-18 April, showcased the ADMIRAL project, an EU project that has the potential to revolutionise European freight transport. ADMRIAL was present with 3 partners.

The Transport Research Arena (TRA) is the largest Transport Research and Innovation Conference in Europe and around 4.000 participants are expected in Dublin for TRA2024, based on the high attendance at previous conferences (close to 3.000 participants attended the conference organised in Lisbon, Portugal in November 2022). TRA is organised every two years. TRA gathers stakeholders from all transport networks (road, rail, waterborne and aviation), bringing notably research and industry communities closer to each other and providing a forum where they can exchange views and ideas with the policy makers on the challenges and opportunities the industry faces.

Presence of ADMIRAL at TRA 2024

ADMIRAL was present prominently with a presetation and presence at ectri with 3 project partners (Technical University of Madrid from Spain, VTT from Finland and National Laboratory for Civil Engineering from Portugal). The presentation was part of a discussion on innovative solutions to reduce emissions in transport and logistics. Markku Mikkola gave a comprehensive overview of the ADMIRAL project, its goals and progress to date.

ADMIRAL focuses on the integration of advanced, low-emission technologies to modernise and sustain the transport sector across Europe. For that, the ADMIRAL project creates an emissions-aware marketplace for multimodal logistics services, with a focus on selecting the most emissions-efficient transport providers. This initiative is a digital marketplace that facilitates Scope 3 emissions data reporting and connects IT developers and integrators through a dedicated developer portal. With 20 partners from 9 EU countries and €7.3 million in EU funding, the marketplace is a cornerstone of the project’s strategy to green multimodal logistics in four pilot regions: Portugal-Spain, Slovenia-Croatia, Lithuania and Finland.



With this foundation, ADMIRAL invites collaboration through its Stakeholder Collaborative Forum, a key component in developing the digital marketplace for more sustainable multimodal logistics. This forum will make use of AI-driven solutions and provide its members with access to events, workshops and e-training activities that are essential for shaping the greening of the supply chain. Participants will also contribute to the adaptation of EU regulations on greenhouse gas emissions and help refine ADMIRAL’s business models, enhancing the project’s digital marketplace, roadmaps and policy recommendations.

The project welcomes stakeholders from various sectors, emphasising collaborative and innovative approaches to sustainable logistics.

Interested parties can use this link.