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ADMIRAL at Transport Innovation Forum 2023



Vilnius, Lithuania – The Transport Innovation Forum 2023, held on November 23-24 at Litexpo in Vilnius, showcased a pivotal moment in transport logistics, with ADMIRAL at the helm of this transformation. Co-sponsoring the event with Transporto Inovacijų Asociacija, ADMIRAL demonstrated its commitment to advancing sustainable, AI-driven logistics solutions, marking a significant step forward for the industry.

Sustainable Logistics: A Central Focus

A key highlight of the forum was the session co-sponsored by ADMIRAL, emphasising sustainability in the transport logistics chain. This session featured ADMIRAL’s ambitious project to reduce emissions by 20% through AI integration, a testament to its efforts to enhance transparency and resilience in supply chain operations.

Pioneering Presentations

The forum featured insightful presentations from our coordinator and partner, including Harri Pyykkö and Ville Hinkka from VTT, a partner project. Harri Pyykkö’s presentation underscored the progress and objectives of ADMIRAL in revolutionising logistics with technology. Hinkka Ville, representing VTT, contributed valuable insights from their project, showcasing collaborative efforts in the field and reinforcing the importance of partnership in driving innovation.

Addressing Industry Challenges

The logistics industry has navigated through global health crises and economic fluctuations in recent years. The Transport Innovation Forum 2023 offered a crucial platform to discuss strategies for a resilient, efficient, and sustainable logistics future, highlighting ADMIRAL’s role in these discussions.

Invitation to Engage

ADMIRAL invites industry professionals and stakeholders to explore the advancements in sustainable logistics. The forum’s discussions and presentations, including those from ADMIRAL and VTT, provide key insights into the sector’s future and technology’s role in shaping it.

Stakeholder Collaborative Forum: Join the Movement

ADMIRAL seeks collaborators for its EU R&I project, focusing on a digital marketplace for greening multimodal logistics. The project aims to pioneer AI-driven solutions for sustainable logistics, and establishing the Stakeholder Collaborative Forum is a significant move in this journey.

Members of this forum will have access to events, workshops, and e-training activities and will play a role in shaping the greening of the supply chain. They will also be involved in adapting to EU regulations on GHG emissions, influencing ADMIRAL’s business models, digital marketplace, roadmaps, and policy recommendations.

The initiative welcomes stakeholders from various sectors, emphasising collaborative and innovative approaches to sustainable logistics.

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