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Logistics experts exchange on ADMIRAL Portugal-Spain pilot

José Manuel Vassallo (UPM) presenting ADMIRAL at stakeholder workshop

stakeholder perspectives on the multimodal port corridor between sines and madrid

Madrid, Spain – ADMIRAL project partners UPM and APS have organized a stakeholder workshop on 23rd of November at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM). The event took place in the frame of the Portugal-Spain pilot and focused on the rail link between Portugal and Spain.

At the workshop, José Manuel Vassallo (UPM) introduced the ADMIRAL project, while Luís Miguel Silva (APS) gave participants an overview of the Portugal-Spain pilot.

The workshop assembled key stakeholders representing rail operators, rolling stock, logistics and rail infrastructure managers, associations and the academic community. The variety in participants supported the collection of stakeholder needs for the development of the multimodal port corridor between Sines and Madrid.

Stakeholder feedback plays a pivotal role throughout the ADMIRAL project, from pilot implementation to sustainability analysis for the logistics sector. Logistics stakeholders are therefore invited to join the project’s Stakeholder Forum , developed to ensure continous stakeholder feedback. 

The Portugal-Spain pilot aims to establish a digital, green and energy-efficient multimodal port corridor between Sines and Madrid. Read more about the Portugal-Spain pilot here.

Luís Miguel Silva (APS) presenting the Portugal-Spain pilot to logistics stakeholders