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ADMIRAL Project Presents Innovative Approach to Greener Logistics at ETC


ADMIRAL Project Unveils Innovative Green Logistics Approach at ETC 2023

MILAN, ITALY (September 07, 2023) – The ADMIRAL project, a co-funded project by the European Union through Horizon Europe, contributed at the 51st European Transport Conference (ETC) 2023, hosted in Milan from September 6th to 8th. Dr. Elisabete Arsenio, leader of WP2 and representative of the LNEC Department of Transport, delivered a presentation outlining the project’s vision and objectives to an esteemed audience of over 500 transport policymakers, practitioners, and researchers from across Europe and beyond. This presentation occured during Session No. 6 on “Freight and logistics,” held on September 7th, with Michiel de Bok from TU Delft and Significance as the moderator.

Participants at the event not only gained insight into the ADMIRAL project’s goals but were also encouraged to participate in its activities by joining the Stakeholders Forum”. The forum raised very positive response from attendees underscored a strong interest in the project’s vision for a sustainable, low-emission freight transportation sector in Europe.

The ADMIRAL project’s overarching objectives encompass optimizing supply chain operations through multimodal logistics, maximizing the utilization of existing infrastructure, championing a shift towards sustainability, and piloting innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption and emissions. The project aspires to a substantially 20% reduction in emissions while concurrently enhancing supply chain transparency and resilience.

As an integral component of the EU’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program, ADMIRAL is committed to fostering lasting impact within the consortium and across Europe’s entire freight transportation industry.



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Funding: Co-Funded by the European Union ADMIRAL project (EU HE Programme, GA No. 101104163)


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