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The Danube Ports Days Event is back! Powered by Pro Danube, the Danube Commission, the EU-funded projects MultiRELOADGreen Inland Ports & Synergetics, and supported by the Danube Ports Network, the Danube Ports Days promise another edition filled with innovative discussions, collaborative insights, and a focus on sustainability within the realm of ports. Building on the success of the previous years, this event aims to bring together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to explore the pressing questions that shape the future of ports and their impact on the environment.

When? 29-30 October 2024

Where? Danube Commission, Budapest, hybrid event

Key Topics

Modal Shift and Eco-friendly Transportation 
Discover the commitments ports are making to drive modal shift. Explore eco-friendly transportation options within port operations and discuss strategies to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transport.

Emission Insights
Delve into the complexities of measuring emissions in ports. Understand how ports can contribute to a cleaner environment by monitoring CO2, air quality, and other pollutants.

Green Energy Solutions
Uncover the significance of green energy solutions in the IWT industry. Learn about the steps ports must take to facilitate and integrate sustainable energy solutions.

Please note that you can attend the event on-site in Budapest or participate virtually.

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